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Canada is one of the favoured countries by Indian students as their study abroad destination. It is home to a bunch of top-rated universities and colleges with affordable tuition fees as well. This makes it all the more appealing. The fact that Canada offers some stellar job opportunities is the cherry on top. Canada had a whopping over 550,000 new international students in 2022, which is a record intake. Their easing of travel restrictions and Post-Graduation Work Permit (PWP) rules have led to this surge in student intake. Apart from all these, the scenic beauty, multicultural diversity, and all-welcoming people are worth it.


  • Canada is the world’s second-largest country by area
  • 38 million people live in ten provinces and three territories (3 cr 80 lacs)
  • Canada invites more than 4 lakh immigrants in different categories every year. Out of Canada’s 38 million residents, over 6 million are immigrants
  • Canada shares 8,893 km of long land border with the United States, approximately 80 % of the Canadian population lives near the USA border
  • Canada’s Colleges are among the world’s best. 90% of college graduates, on average, obtain employment within 6 months of graduating
  • The UN has consistently ranked Canada as one of the best places in the world to live
  • A strong presence of Gujarati, Punjabi & South Indian community
  • Minimum Wage rate in Canada (General) CAD 14.00 in Ontario for students (As of 2020)
  • As Canada is a bilingual country – academic programs are offered in English or French
  • Trimester system with admissions in September, January, and May
  • Several post-secondary programs allow international students to work during study terms
  • The largest number of immigrants arriving in Canada are currently from India, China, and the Philippines
Study in Canada

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Services Offered by Spectrum Overseas

  • Expert counselling for admission & visa
  • All documentation guidelines for admission & visa purpose
  • Special counselling sessions on ‘’How to increase visa success ratio?’’
  • Counselling sessions for selecting the best college & programs
  • Dedicated budget & fund planning sessions with parents
  • Lodging of applications to colleges/universities & follow-ups
  • Assistance in tuition fees payment
  • GIC account opening and payment assistance
  • CAQ application and documentation assistance for Quebec based colleges
  • Helping students in SOP preparation
  • Visa application preparation & lodging on CIC portal
  • Special Pre-Departure sessions for student & parents
  • Special services for friends & family (Visitor/Super/PR/Dependent visa)
  • Services for Forex, Loan, Air Tickets, Travel Insurance etc.

Your educational opportunity in Canada

  • Over 8,000 programs at 150 public institutions offering credentials. Canada has 163 recognized public and private universities.
  • Vast choice of undergraduate and post-graduate programs, as well as certificate and diploma courses, University transfers, and short career-focused programs
  • Programs with varying lengths of study from a few months to four years
  • Opportunities for co-operative education and internships and eligibility for international students to work while studying
  • Practical programs designed with potential employers that also offer work placements
  • Tuition fees in range from CAD 10,000 to CAD 25,000 per year depending upon the program selected
  • Boarding/homestay & living costs are estimated at CAD 10000 per year
  • IRCC after 2 years of study, the duration of the work permit has been extended to a maximum of 3 years across the country

Key Facts

Important facts to know while studying in Canada


Fall (Sep), Winter (Jan), Summer (May)

No. of Universities

223+ Universities

Number of International Students


Indian Diaspora in Canada

1.8 Million+

Average Tuition Fee

$18,000 CAD Per Annum

Average Cost of Living

$10,000 CAD Per Annum

Top Courses

Explore courses of the Canada

I.T./Computer Engineering
VFX & Multimedia
Mechanical Engineering
Renewable Energy
Project Management
Food Science
Nursing, and Pharmacy
Supply Chain Management
Financial Planning

Universities in Canada

Studying in Canada has become affordable for international students with the range of scholarships offered to them. We may have the following content for the scholarship categories and their respective description:

Documents Requirement

Get prepared with your documents

A Completed Application Form
Letter of Recommendation
A Resume
Proof of English Proficiency
Academic Transcript
Statement of Purposes
Standardized Test Scores
Experience letter (if available)
Financials (required for non-SDS)
Passpord size photos
Tuition fee payment receipt
Guaranteed Investment Certificate
Certificate d'acceptation du Québec

Top Courses of Universities

ARTS Students
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Associate of Arts Degree
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Art History
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)- Major in Economics
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master of Arts in Social and Political Thought
  • Graduate Certificate in Arts Management
  • Graduate Certificate in 3D Computer Animation
  • Hospitality & Hotel Management
  • Diploma in Accounting Technician
  • Diploma in Financial Management
  • Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting (Co-op)
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Master of Finance (MFin)
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Economics
  • Associate of Science
  • Diploma in Chemical Laboratory Technician
  • Diploma in Geomatics Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Engineering - Geological Engineering
  • Master of Applied Science - Civil Engineering
  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Graduate Certificate in Chemical Laboratory Analysis
MEDICAL Students
  • Diploma in Health Studies
  • Diploma in Practical Nursing
  • Bachelor of Science - Medical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Applied Health Services Research
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master of Science in Biochemistry
  • Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture (Co-Op)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Gerontological

Canada Study Visa

Designated Learning Institutions (DLI)

Schools, Colleges and Universities that can enroll international students are known as designated learning institutions (DLI). A list of DLIs can be found at

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About the Study Permit

The study permit is a document we issue that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada. You can get Study Permit faster by applying online through Student Direct Stream (SDS).

SDS: Who can apply

You must have

  • Proof you have paid your tuition for your first year of study
  • Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of CAN$10,000
  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) if you’re planning to study in Quebec
  • Allianz Global Assistance (subcontracted by Lysaght Peoplecare)
  • A score of 6.0 or higher in each skill (reading, writing, speaking and listening) on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

How to Apply

You must apply online to get faster processing for your study permit. There’s no paper application for the Student Direct Stream.


While submitting the application fee online, pay the Biometrics fee along with the Embassy fee. You will get a letter which will instruct you to give your biometrics that are fingerprints and photo. You need to take this letter and your valid passport when you go to give your biometrics. You have up to 30 days to give your biometrics in person.

On Arrival in Canada

When you arrive in Canada, you’ll meet a border services officer. The officer will ask to see your passport or travel documents, ask you a few questions and make sure you meet the requirements to enter Canada. You may have to prove that you’ll leave Canada at the end of your stay.

How long can you Stay

A study permit is usually valid for the length of your study program, plus an extra 90 days. The 90 days let you prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay.

PR Opportunity

Once the student gets the study visa, after completing 2 years program, an applicant may get eligible for up to 3 years of Open Post Graduation Work Permit. After completing 1 year of a job as a part of an open work permit, students can apply for permanent residency in Canada through various programs like Express Entry, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Quebec without leaving the country. For more information on PR, please visit the Canadian Government’s website:


Work Opportunities for Students in Canada

There are three main types of work opportunities for international students while studying in Canada

On-Campus Employment
On-campus work includes jobs in the university library, dining courts, laboratories and administrative offices, such as teaching or research assistantships.
Off-Campus Employment
Off-campus employment includes working for a company that is not affiliated with the school, such as a grocery store or restaurant.
Co-Op/Internship Employment
Co-op/internship employment is typically related to the student’s field of study and can be paid or unpaid.

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