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Learn English Grammar

Grammar Classes cover all important topics with abundant practice.         

Improve your Vocabulary

Activities in classes and Home Assignments focus on ehancing your vocabulary.

Updated Study Material

Seperate Practice Material for Beginners, Repeaters and Advanced Learners.

Weekly Mock Tests

To analyse your performance and make changes to avoid mistakes.

Trained Teachers

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Introduction to French + Accents Monday Day 1
Alphabet + Colours Tuesday Day 2
Days of The Week + Months of The Year Wednesday Day 3
Essential Expressions: (les Expressions essentielles)
Greet Someone and Ask How They Are Doing Address Someone Formally and Informally Thursday Day 4
Introduce Yourself + Respond When People Ask How Are You? + Use What You Have Learned When Meeting People For The First Time Friday Day 5
Doubt Solving Session Saturday Day 6
People and Family: (les gens et la famille)
Talk About Your Family & Friends Monday Day 7
Use What You Have Learned to Tell Someone About Your Family & Friends Tuesday Day 8
People and Family: (les gens et la famille)
Numbers (part 1) Wednesday Day 9
Numbers (part 2) Thursday Day 10
Telling Time + Dates + Mobile Numbers Friday Day 11
Doubt Solving Session Saturday Day 12
Basic Grammar
Verbs - Etre, avoir, aller Etc Monday Day 13
How to Ask Questions + Different Question Formations Tuesday Day 14
Vocabulary Related to Routine Activities + Sentences Wednesday Day 15
Handling Emergencies Thursday Day 16
Self Introduction Practice Friday Day 17
Doubt Solving Session Saturday Day 18

Training Module

Get really good at the four skill areas of the IELTS Academic exam.

French Language Course (BASIC)

French Language Course designed to comprehend topics and lexis. Moreover, you will learn grammatical concepts to enhance your prowess in the French language. After completion of the course, you will be able to write a variety of texts. We will assist you in genuinely speaking the French language. Master the French Language and Ace the important French Language Exams such as DILF, DELF, DALF, DCL, & TCF


French Basic Evening: 05:25 to 06:45 pm

French Basic Doubt Solving Session: 06:30 to 07:30 pm

A1: The Beginners Level- This level deals with the Basic French Vocabulary, Greetings in French, Basic Grammar such as Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Plural, adjectives, and more

A2: The Upper Beginners Level- This Level deals with French Language upper Beginners level, Express a decision, make a comparison, indicate a chronology, express certitude, grammar like Future tenses, Relative pronouns, Comparative/ Superlative Sentences, Adverbs, Demonstrative Pronouns, and more

B1: The intermediate Level - This level deals with the skills like writing, reading, and listening. Candidates will gain skills to be able to structure sentences in the French Language

B2: The Upper Intermediate Level- This level deals with extra learning about the French Dialects and Complex Texts. The candidate will gain knowledge to create long speeches in French and smoothly explain complex thoughts

C1: The Advanced Level- This level will equip the candidate with an understanding of longer texts and their implicit meaning. Candidates will learn to express fluently and spontaneously without much obvious searching for expressions

C2: The Proficiency Level- This level will help the candidates to understand everything that is virtually heard or read. The candidates will be able to summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent presentation.

Learning Benefits

  • Initiate Conversation about Present, future, and past events
  • Explain Habitual action and talk about the memories
  • Describe Feelings and express present and future wishes
  • Learn the basics of Sentence and Word building
  • Express Opinion and argue with people
  • Talk and describe Past events and express Doubts & Probability
  • Make Hypothesis about the past events and explain them
  • Learn extensively about the Advanced French Language Grammar

Career Benefits

  • Exposure to Millions of Jobs Globally in the Arena of French Language Course
  • Distinguish your profile with the Course Completion Certification of French Language Training Course
  • Better Job Security with exceptional growth opportunities
  • Improve your CV & LinkedIn Profile with Technical & Professional development
  • Get Hired by International Brands like Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, and other top brands in the industry
  • Be Highly Paid as a Freelancer or as a full-time Professional after the Successful completion of French Language Training Course



Consult with our counsellors to check your eligibility and the right batch, and then register for the French Language Course

2. Complete French Language Course

Attend 80 Hours Training for the French Language Course, Appear in the test and achieve the certification.

3. Deliver Projects Assigned

Gather experience with real-world assignments and practical projects to upgrade your existing French Language skills.

4. Earn French Language Certification

Post-successful completion of the Program, earn French Language Certification. Post it on social media, get it framed, and increase your value in the industry

Batches & Pricing

Ielts Academic: Offline Regular Batch


Offline | Convenient Timings

  • ₹ 5000 per month (including GST)
  • 4 hours/day
  • Timings: 09:44 am to 02:00 pm or 01:30 pm to 05:30 pm
  • Grammar Lessons
  • Vocab Activities
  • Practice all 4 modules
  • Weekly Mock Test
  • Material for Practice at Home
  • One-to-One Speaking sessions

Ielts Academic: Online Regular Batch


Online | Convenient Timings

  • ₹ 7000 + GST
  • ₹ 7000 + GST
  • Duration: 12 weeks | 60 - 90 mins/day
  • English Assessment Test
  • Grammar, Vocab, IELTS Tip Videos
  • Daily Live Lectures
  • Sectional Tests
  • Mock Tests
  • 1 Module per day
  • Assess to Recordings of Live Classes

Ielts General: Online Regular Batch


Online | Convenient Timings

  • ₹ 7000 + GST
  • ₹ 7000 + GST
  • Duration: 12 weeks | 60 - 90 mins/day
  • English Assessment Test
  • Grammar, Vocab, IELTS Tip Videos
  • Daily Live Lectures
  • Sectional Tests
  • Mock Tests
  • 1 Module per day
  • Assess to Recordings of Live Classes

Other Courses

We have a wide variety of courses especially designed for aspiring individuals. Exceptional learning starts with us! Our courses are designed to be inspirational and informative to improve your chances at top-tier international universities.